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the home of feel good fitness!


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bodyJoy is the revolutionary, dance inspired fitness method for a happy body & healthy mind!

we subvert traditional fitness to bring you exercise that’s enjoyable, empowering and has optimum impact on your overall wellbeing.


We believe that true wellness is about celebrating, embracing & nurturing your humannesswe do that through a unique & uplifting style of movement & an empowering mental framework that’s woven throughout our classes!


our classes utilise 3 unique movement concepts to give your body everything it needs!


sweaty & sassy dance cardio that boosts your mood & unlocks your inner baddieee


to the beat barre strength for a bulletproof bod! (like pilates with exxxtra spice)


oozy nourishing mobility flow for youthful joints + ultimate release & inner peace!

+ an integrated mindset framework

that helps you build true wellbeing, authentic happiness & unshakeable confidence that comes from within!

we're for you if....

you really wanna feel those famous endorphins & reap all the mental & physical benefits you know fitness can bring; you'd love to feel more comfortable, mobile & energised in your body, as well as happier & lighter in yourself, but something about traditional fitness just doesn’t resonate or hasn't worked in the past!

Maybe the idea of going to the gym fills you with anxiety, dread or overwhelm...

or the usual fitness plans feel too restrictive, boring & intense & you’re aware that the fixation on ‘bikini bodies’ and calorie targets just isn’t what you need

Or maybe you’ve always struggled to stick at anything consistently - resigning yourself to the fact that it’s a lack of 'willpower' or 'discipline'.

It’s not. In all these instances, the fitness industry has failed you! And I’m so sorry for that, but I hope here is finally where you feel at home!

as an online member, you get:

3x weekly on demand, real time classes [one for each movement concept], dropped in the member's feed for you to slot into your week whenever is good for you

'quickie' versions of each class so you can still get your workout in when you're short on time! [bc the all or nothing approach is trash bby!]

a full on demand library of past classes in case you wanna freestyle your own plan!

bonus opportunities to get 1-1 support from Maz, your bodyJoy trainer + regular accountability check ins & guidance on other aspects of your wellbeing journey.

a community based platform where you can leave comments, ask questions & feel fully supported by other members of the bodyJoy fam!

letters from the fam xx

Lucy <3

I honestly can not thank you enough! I did dance classes from 3 years old & just adore it, so to rekindle fun dance cardio has been the biggest joy (as well as the other classes!) Feel so excited to have started this journey!

Beth <3

I love the classes so much - it's been one of the only things in the fitness community that has made me feel welcome & happy!

Hera <3

I'm just loving the classes. It gives the impression you're exercising with a friend! I've done more workouts this year [by Feb!!] than I did the whole of last year so that's a big win for me!

Heather <3

the approach is so holistic & beautiful, it's transformed a huge part of my life. I've got so much stronger without focusing on weight or the end result - you just do it cos it feels so good!

for £30 p/m


mainstream fitness

  • focus on weight loss/aesthetics - keeping your worth & happiness reliant on your appearance & therefore never secure 

  • uses cookie cutter programming that ignores your needs & forces you into things that may not be right for you

  • repetitive, unimaginative exercises, which only work your body to a fraction of it's potential - leading to imbalance & boredom!

  • 'go hard or go home' mentality - inclined to push you to the point of exhausting/injury

  • obsessed with an end 'goal' & relies on extrinsic motivation (which is then hard to maintain!)


  • focus on things that will ACTUALLY improve your quality of life ~ like confidence, inner happiness, self worth + strength, stamina & mobility!

  • helps you to connect to your body & build an intuitive, personal practise to honour your individual needs

  • keeps things fun, interesting & constantly challenges your body in new ways (= ultimate longevity!)

  • joint friendly & always adaptable to your skill level, capacity & physical needs

  • celebrates the journey & the process - helping you build INTRINSIC motivation (which will last forevs!)


love, Maz


your head coach & hype gal!

for £30 p/m


Thanks for being here gorj - I'm so happy something about bodyJoy resonates with you!

This method is a direct outpouring of my heart and soul - it’s a kind of homecoming to the type of movement that has empowered me my whole life, but that I lost sight of for a while when the fitness industry sucked me in!

After 7 years of developing my own voice in the fitness space bodyJoy is my offering to all of us who’ve been unwittingly damaged, excluded or put off by the current fitness narrative and want an alternative that makes working out feel like an act of self celebration, not self punishment!

If you're still a little unsure, drop me an email or DM and I'm always happy to chat things through with you!

Hope to see you in class real soon :)

Big love, Maz xx

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