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With Self Love Fitness Coaching, you are SO much more than a body! I'm here to guide you every step of the way to celebrating everything you are RIGHT NOW & building an intuitive, sustainable fitness practice that ENRICHES your life & brings you more health, happiness, joy & freedom!

I'm sadly well aware of the negative experiences you may have had with the fitness industry in the past & the toxic beliefs that you're ready to break free from - so I'd love to be here to hold your hand & cheerlead you through that whole process!...

1-1 coaching will include a bespoke combination of:


personal training

For those who want fully tailored home workout programmes designed especially for their goals, preferences and capacity!

Personal training sessions are done via Zoom and will consist of guided, interactive real time workouts where we will work together to nail your form, technique and get you fitter & stronger using movement that works for YOU! 



Mentoring is where we dive deep into healing your relationship to movement & your body and work on improving your mindset to help cultivate the optimum fitness & wellness routine that's feel-good, sustainable and born from a place of self love instead of 'discipline'!!


Mentoring calls are also completed via Zoom and include support via text/whatsapp too! 

*once you've enquired, we will work together to create the perfect combination of either or both of these components to best support your journey!

your self LOVE fitness coach!


Hey beaut!!

I'm Marissa - your Self Love Fitness Coach - & I'd absolutely love to help you heal your relationship to movement & your body!!

I've been working as a fitness instructor & PT ever since graduating dance school 4 years ago. I've always had such a passion for movement but I felt the dance & fitness industries begin to suck it out of me as it became all about aesthetics & physique!


Luckly I managed to break free 2 years ago and I haven't looked back! Since then, I've been carving out this self loving, inclusive space to help people celebrate what their bodies can already do and use that as fuel for healthy, sustainable movement!

I love working 1-1 as we can really delve into your individual barriers and strengths to create a lifestyle that fully supports your wellbeing & happiness but feels effortless and most importantly FUN!

personal training

Each Zoom PT session will include:

an initial check in to review how we're feeling, how the last week has been movement wise & what we want to get out of today's session!

a feel good workout, tailored specifically to your needs, preferences & goals! We will programme something suitable to the amount of space you have at home (you don't need much!) and any equipment you may or may not have!

a final check in to review how the session went, set intentions for next week & talk through anything else you may want to!


Personal Training sessions can be as frequent as you need them and can be combined with mentoring to ensure we nail the mindset side of things as well!

personal training



an assessment of where we're at currently with our relationship to exercise & our bodies to identify what thought patterns are holding us back!

a deep dive into where these thought patterns have come from & lessons we can UNLEARN to challenge them!

an evaluation of our current exercise & wellbeing routine to identify how it's serving us & how it could serve us better!

a plan that we'll create together of exercise and wellbeing habits that ARE serving us, which we will solidify in the diary so you have a set programme to work with until we next speak!


*Mentoring will also include Whatsapp check ins throughout the week so you feel fully supported & held accountable if that's what you need!

**Mentoring can either be done as a stand alone option if you already have types of exercise you dig, or it can be done in combination with Personal Training sessions for the full works!

just coaching
brand images (1350 × 650px) (2).jpg

sound good babes?! enquire now for a no strings attached consultation to talk through package options that suit your goals, availability & budget!

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