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bodyJOY in London!

dance fitness classes, clubs & events for ultimate mind/body empowerment!

not your average fitness class!

bodyJOY is a brand new social fitness brand focused on nurturing mind/body wellbeing through dance-based exercise, community & empowerment!

we’re so done with fitness spaces feeling intense and intimidating and hyper-focusing on what you look like, so we created a fitness space that is high key obsessed with making you FEEL good!!!


bodyJoy classes are especially curated to:

  • help you ENJOY exercise - by using it as a tool for nourishing, cherishing and celebrating your body (because our bodies are AMAZING!)

  • allow you to feel safe, welcomed and empowered in a fitness environment

  • improve not just your physical wellbeing but your mental, emotional and social wellbeing too - through community based classes that focus on joy and togetherness!

  • give you masses of confidence and help you feel more comfortable in your skin - even as your body shifts and changes with life!


our classes include:

✨ body check ins & intention setting - to help you connect to yourself & the movement!

dance cardio - sweaty, sassy follow along dance routines to get your heart rate and confidence levels up up up!!!

dance-pilates strength - creative, rhythmic bodyweight strength sets to give your body exactly what it needs to feel badass & bulletproof!

✨  stretch & self love circle - slow, loving stretches coupled with guided refelction to deepen that self connection even further.

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Not seeing a location/event that suits you? As we're a new brand we'd love to know where you'd like to see a bodyJOY club or event! Vote below & follow us on socials to stay up to date on what's next!

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