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Escape the 'fitspo' frenzy and unlock FUN, FRIENDLY, FEMINIST fitness that celebrates you NOW ~ not 'after'!!

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Looking for a wellness space with less *kale* and MORE *COMPASSION*?!

The Self Love Fitness Club is your fave inclusive fitness platform that empowers you to build a sustainable wellness practice that's born from LOVING your body!


our two-fold antidote to toxic fitness culture...

community & mindset support


Our FREE community is a safe space, free from diet chat, for you to find accountability, ask questions, get support, make pals and be CHEERLEADED along your journey towards intuitive wellness!

interactive journal & affirmation downloads are ready to guide you through those all important mindset shifts! 


body celebrating workouts!


Live and on demand home fitness classes that focus on the FEEL good. Think poppin playlists; dance inspired, creative movement; accessible options and the encouragement to ALWAYS listen to your bod & do what’s right for you!

Find 'snack-sized' and full length classes in our signature styles:


the real 'gains'!


The Self Love Fitness club is here to make you see that you’re SO much more than your appearance - which is why you’ll gain much more than just ‘a booty’ with us -

We'll help you grow:


  • A more intuitive approach to wellness: we’ll free you from the overwhelming rules of diet culture and teach you how to make health promoting choices based on your individual needs, by learning how to REALLY ‘listen to your body’

  • A more consistent self care practice - because we’ve figured out that it’s not DISCIPLINE that leads to consistency, but actually COMPASSION! We’ll help you show up daily for yourself in small ways that are born from self love & respect!

  • Boosted body image & a new found appreciation for your bod! - we’ll get you off of the diet wagon and into a positive cycle of feeling good about yourself so you do good things FOR yourself, which helps you feel good about yourself so you do more good things for yourself… (see how it works?!)

  • More energy, strength and longevity!!! - just because our workouts are feel good, doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch of goodness! We help you focus on how amazing movement makes you feel so you can reap all the incredible benefits that help bulletproof your bod for LIVING LIFE!

Yep, there are a tonne of fitness programmes, apps and trainers out there but we noticed a DISTINCT lack of those that were able to distinguish fitness from being small and six-packed!


Reducing movement and wellness down to our appearance blocks us from accessing the fullness of what it offers us and keeps us stuck in a cycle of trying to become something we’re not necessarily meant to be!


At the Self Love Fitness Club, we celebrate ALL BODIES, ALWAYS, to show the world that fitness doesn’t have a look! Our mission is to make EVERYONE feel welcomed, included and EXCITED to be moving their bods!


And then instead of pushing and punishing you into grueling routines that you inevitably want to ‘cheat on’’, we hold space for your human-ness and guide you into making compassionate, individualised choices that will set you up for life!

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