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✨14.05 sunday circle &*UPDATES*! ✨

Happy Sunday beautiful gang!! I hope you've had a super lovely week & weekend!

A slightly different Sunday circle today because I'm creating space to make some exciting shifts around here! Nothing is really changing within this programme (except the name 👀), but things are happening BTS and I just want to keep you updated!


Sooooo, from this week coming I'm going to be introducing a new name for our fitness concept ~

Introducing The bodyJoy method!

As I said, for now, nothing much is changing for you - bodyJoy is just a new name for the concept we're already using (dance, barre & mobility flow classes with self love, empowerment & body celebration woven throughout!) but I'll be making some changes within the business that I'd LOVE for you to support!

✨new bodyJoy social media pages - dedicated much more specifically to the movement style & workouts!

✨ I'm working on introducing IRL classes to London and eventually beyond - training instructors in the method and expanding our reach so more people get to access body joy!!!

✨some shifts within what our online options look like - for now this programme will remain the same but I'm exploring new ways for people to experience bodyJoy online

✨ I'll be introducing some new areas of the membership like a bank of FAQ video guides (for things like 'what do I do if I have excess tension in my neck..' or 'how can I be kinder to myself')

The format of the Sunday circles may change too as we've come to the end of our Self Love topics! Instead, I'm thinking of going back through them & making them as mini guides for the FAQ page so you can access them when you need them 🥳️

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for all of this coming to fruition & I can't wait for the world to discover bodyJoy!!!

Thank you as always for your support & all your lovely feedback! It's really helped me come up with these new ideas and envision what the future looks like! Please keep any feedback/questions coming as I'd love for you to be a part of this new progression!!

Sunday circle:

As always, it's time for our end of week reflections & start of week intentions!! So, set a little time aside to sit, breathe & journal or just think on the following prompts:


✨what's ONE particular area of my wellbeing I tried to focus on improving this week? [think about our different aspects of wellbeing like nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, emotional regulation, social wellbeing, joy, self compassion, body image...]

✨ how successfully did I manage to do it and how did it make me feel?

*please acknowledge that even TRYING is a win & celebrate that!!*


✨ what's one particular area of my wellbeing that I want to focus on improving this week coming?

✨ how can I support myself through this? what's something actionable I can do to support this?

As always, please feel free to share anything that comes up for you whilst doing this exercise, as well as any wins you've had this week!!

Sending you loads of love,

Have a fabulous week & I'll see you in class!

Maz xxxx

Welcome gang to your Sunday self love circle!! A time for us to collectively take a moment, reflect on the week just gone and set intentions for the week ahead, through the lens of a specific self love focus 💛

Remember, self love is a PRACTISE, not just a feeling: we have to actively implement it into our lives to feel the benefits of it! We'll cycle through different areas of focus so we can start to build a really well rounded self love practice that's bolstered by all aspects of your life!

-- What to do:

Set some time aside this eve to do this check in. Sit down with yourself and if it feels good to you, I recommend a notebook or journal [you can just think all of this out but writing things down tends to have much more staying power AND it gives you something physical to check back in with throughout the week. Also, by the end you'll have a little self written self love bible!]

Write out the reflection prompts & jot down whatever comes to mind, then do the same with the intention prompts - finishing by setting a goal or intention for the week ahead! [think small & manageable!]

The implementation suggestions at the end give you some ideas for goals & intentions but feel free to explore your own too!

Leave your journal somewhere you see it so you can keep checking in during the week to see if you're still keeping these in mind!


we talk a lot in this space about allowing yourself to sit in your comfort zone (especially with exercise) as it's important to know that we don't always have to push harder. BUT as with everything, there's a balance and learning to be ok with feeling uncomfortable is where growth happens! When it comes to self love, certain things will feel uncomfortable to begin with because they're unfamiliar & they go against old conditioning, but often that's the reason we have to lean into them and get to the other side!

reflection prompts: was there a moment this week I could have stepped out of my comfort zone but chose not to? was there a moment I did? what was the result?

intention prompts: is there something I could do this week that's a little out my comfort zone but is necessary to my growth? how could I support myself in taking that step?

implementation suggestions:

growth happens outside of our comfort zone! A big part of self love is supporting ourselves in evolving into the person we want to and deserve to become - the brightest, most authentic, most confident, most joyful version of ourselves - and we can only to that through growth.

To become this version of ourselves we may have to do uncomfortable things like try something new, speak our minds, set boundaries, make big decisions, wear different clothes etc

Annoyingly our brains seek comfort though as a survival mechanism - even if that comfort isn't optimum to our growth. So, we need to have a protocol to actively challenge it so we can do things that serve our evolution!

Here are some things we can do to support ourselves in making uncomfortable changes:

- embrace fear: fear isn't always a signal to STOP, sometimes it's an indicator that what we're about to do is going to launch us into a whole new reality and sometimes that's necessary!! It's possible to do things scared - your future self might thank you!!

- nervous system regulation: fear & anxiety are responses our nervous systems activate to protect us - even though we might not NEED protecting from certain situations. Using breathwork and other tools we can learn to placate our nervous system so we can move forward without those inhibiting feelings (I strongly recommend youtubing nervous system regulation for some great exercises!)

- break things down: things feel much less overwhelming when we break them down into one small step at a time. You don't have to do things all at once - what's ONE thing you can do this week to move towards where you want to be?

- practise compassion: when is compassion not relevant?!!! making big, bold choices is HARD and that's ok! Be compassionate with yourself if you don't manage to do it first time, this will allow you to try again without blocking yourself with shame.

- have support systems: carefully select the people you know are going to boost you up to help you through certain situations! You don't always need that word of caution or 'reality', have a small group of hype-people you can rely on when you just need to DO THE THING!!

Lastly drop a comment and share ONE WELLNESS WIN you had this week! ANYTHING you did successfully to take care of yourself (it's not a self love circle if we don't share something!) and we must keep celebrating the little steps we take on this journey!! 🤗


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