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23.01 - this week's glow✨!!

YAY! Happy Sunday gorgeous gang, I hope you've had a lovely weekend!!

Here are this week's classes!!! Do as many as you want/can throughout the week ahead - choosing the one that's right for you each day 😊

Below is the full length class & the quickie version - so if you're short on time but need some movement, there's still an option for you!!

GLOW ~ our gentle & nourishing mobility flow class - perfect for when you're low on energy or particularly tense!

Equipment: nothing except a mat or something to pad the floor if you need it!

Time: 30 mins for the full class, 14 for the quickie!

Remember to enjoy yourself, take all pressure off AND drop a comment on this post once you've completed the workout so we can hype you up and to help encourage others 😍



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Sara Sorrell
Sara Sorrell
Jan 27, 2023

I really enjoyed this! I just wanted to leave some feedback that the music was so loud I had a hard time hearing your voice, especially towards the end.

Marissa Hussain
Marissa Hussain
Jan 29, 2023
Replying to

Ah so glad you enjoyed lovely!! And thanks so much for that feedback - yes I realised my volume levels were off so will be conscious of this in future 😭😘

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