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✨23.04 sunday self love circle! ✨

Happy Sunday beauts!! Follow along with the video OR read the session!...

Welcome gang to your Sunday self love circle!! A time for us to collectively take a moment, reflect on the week just gone and set intentions for the week ahead, through the lens of a specific self love focus 💛

Remember, self love is a PRACTISE, not just a feeling: we have to actively implement it into our lives to feel the benefits of it! We'll cycle through different areas of focus so we can start to build a really well rounded self love practice that's bolstered by all aspects of your life!

-- What to do:

Set some time aside this eve to do this check in. Sit down with yourself and if it feels good to you, I recommend a notebook or journal [you can just think all of this out but writing things down tends to have much more staying power AND it gives you something physical to check back in with throughout the week. Also, by the end you'll have a little self written self love bible!]

Write out the reflection prompts & jot down whatever comes to mind, then do the same with the intention prompts - finishing by setting a goal or intention for the week ahead! [think small & manageable!]

The implementation suggestions at the end give you some ideas for goals & intentions but feel free to explore your own too!

Leave your journal somewhere you see it so you can keep checking in during the week to see if you're still keeping these in mind!

-- this week's focus: BODY NEUTRALITY! 🤗

when we think of 'self love', often we think of 'loving our body'. In our appearance obsessed society, feeling happy with the way we look is sold to us as the most important thing - and understandably, we feel this pressure. Body neutrality is a more accessible act of self love because it helps us remove the need to love our appearance all the time (since this is not necessarily a realistic goal) & instead learn to appreciate their value beyond the aesthetic.

reflection prompts: what's one amazing thing my body did for me this week? how did I show my body respect & care this week? what's one every day thing my body does for me that I take for granted?

intention prompts: what's one thing I can do to show respect and care for my body this week? on days when I can't love my body, what can I aim for instead? what parts of my body can I work towards making peace with?

implementation suggestions:

Body neutrality is the act of making peace with our bodies & allowing them to exist as they are without self judgement or shame. It involves us learning 2 key things:

1. our bodies are valuable for SO much more than their appearance - they exist to function & serve our experience of life, not just to look 'attractive'

2. our self worth as a whole does not reside in our bodies, but in WHO we are as a person (we are loved for who we are not who we look like)

To absorb & embody these beliefs we need to practise! Here are some ways we can do this each day:

Showing our bodies respect & care -

- nourishing our bodies with food, honouring our hunger/fullness

- exercising in ways that meet our bodies where they're at (stretching when we're tight, more vigorous movement when we have energy etc)

- resting enough & prioritising sleep

- moisturising, skincare etc

- getting medical check ups when necessary

- washing regularly, brushing our teeth & hair, maintaining good self hygiene

- self massage or getting massages / pampering treatments

Practising body gratitude / celebration:

This is great to do alongside the above activities because whilst we are connected to our bodies in this way, we can really start to appreciate what they DO for us! HOW they help us to experience life - how every single part of them has been formed with a purpose that allows us to move, breathe, eat, love, communicate & just BE alive!

This week, try to draw your attention to this (especially in times when you're having negative thoughts about your appearance)

Lastly drop a comment and share ONE WELLNESS WIN you had this week! ANYTHING you did successfully to take care of yourself (it's not a self love circle if we don't share something!) and we must keep celebrating the little steps we take on this journey!! 🤗


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