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27.02 - this week's glow✨!!

YAY! Happy Monday gorgeous gang, I hope you've had a lovely weekend!!

Here are this week's classes!!! Do as many as you want/can throughout the week ahead - choosing the one that's right for you each day 😊

Below is the full length class & the quickie version - so if you're short on time but need some movement, there's still an option for you!!

GLOW ~ our gentle & nourishing mobility flow class - perfect for when you're low on energy or particularly tense!

Equipment: nothing except a mat or something to pad the floor if you need it!

Time: 30 mins for the full class, 12 for the quickie!

Remember to enjoy yourself, take all pressure off AND drop a comment on this post once you've completed the workout so we can hype you up and to help encourage others 😍



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28 февр. 2023 г.

What I love about the 3 types of workouts, is that they all come with their own merits. For 'glow' it's amazing how such slow movements can make you feel so strong ❤

Marissa Hussain
Marissa Hussain
01 мар. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

YAY 😍💪 go mama!!

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