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✨ sunday self love circle! ✨

follow along with the video OR read the session!...

--*Important announcement!!!* This Wednesday 22nd will be this month's PT drop in day!! - book in your free 1-1 here!--

Welcome gang to your Sunday self love circle!! A time for us to collectively take a moment, reflect on the week just gone and set intentions for the week ahead, through the lens of a specific self love focus 💛

Remember, self love is a PRACTICE, not just a feeling: we have to actively implement it into our lives to feel the benefits of it! We'll cycle through different areas of focus so we can start to build a really well rounded self love practice that's bolstered by all aspects of your life!

-- What to do:

Set some time aside this eve to do this check in. Sit down with yourself and if it feels good to you, I recommend a notebook or journal [you can just think all of this out but writing things down tends to have much more staying power AND it gives you something physical to check back in with throughout the week. Also, by the end you'll have a little self written self love bible!]

Write out the reflection prompts & jot down whatever comes to mind, then do the same with the intention prompts - finishing by setting a goal or intention for the week ahead! [think small & manageable!]

The implementation suggestions at the end give you some ideas for goals & intentions but feel free to explore your own too!

Leave your journal somewhere you see it so you can keep checking in during the week to see if you're still keeping these in mind!

-- this month's focus: REST!💆‍♀️

& this week, specifically SLEEEEP!! Having gone through a long period of sleep depravation [when I used to teach 6am fitness most days and often only get 5 hours a night], I can honestly say that EVERYTHING is better when we get enough sleep! It affected me so much mentally & physically (thinning hair, eye twitches, worse anxiety...) - but I didn't know until I came out the other end and saw the difference! Good quality sleep is the foundation for our wellbeing and we need to remember that!


reflection prompts:

On average, did I get enough sleep this week? Have I been sacrificing sleep for other things? Do my bedtime habits support a good night's sleep? What are my barriers to getting good sleep?


intention prompts: Do I need to aim for more or less sleep this week? How can I make sure I prioritise sleep a little more? What habits could I adjust to try and improve my sleep quality?


implementation suggestions:

As we said last week, sleep is something we're not often encouraged to prioritise when there's 101 other things we're 'supposed' to be doing with our days. BUT, if we can get this aspect of our self care nailed (most of the time), it's going to make doing all the other good things for ourselves easier (EVERYTHING is harder when we're tired!)

So here's some ideas to make sure we're getting enough:

- keep reminding yourself that getting enough sleep is going to improve your energy & therefore INCREASE your overall efficiency & productivity - not decrease it!

- make sure you're also getting enough non-sleep related down time (we often fall into a scroll hole instead of going to bed because we haven't given ourselves enough time during the day to switch off/do something just for entertainment - therefore we're craving that!)

- lean into sleep habits that feel good for you! you do not need to wake up at 6am for a workout if that's just not you - find a routine that feels best for your natural tendencies & your life!

- work on reducing your overall stress levels and regulating your emotions! anxious thoughts can really affect our sleep quality and lack of sleep can exacerbate anxiety ...

- address the barriers behind bad sleep habits! Sure, the usual 'no phones before bed' etc is great advice but if you find these kind of good sleep habits hard to stick to, we need to be figuring out WHY!


Lastly drop a comment and share ONE WELLNESS WIN you had this week! ANYTHING you did successfully to take care of yourself (it's not a self love circle if we don't share something!) and we must keep celebrating the little steps we take on this journey!! 🤗


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