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✨ sunday self love circle! ✨

follow along with the video OR read the session!...

Welcome gang to your Sunday self love circle!! A time for us to collectively take a moment, reflect on the week just gone and set intentions for the week ahead, through the lens of a specific self love focus 💛

Remember, self love is a PRACTICE, not just a feeling: we have to actively implement it into our lives to feel the benefits of it! We'll cycle through different areas of focus so we can start to build a really well rounded self love practice that's bolstered by all aspects of your life!

-- What to do:

Set some time aside this eve to do this check in. Sit down with yourself and if it feels good to you, I recommend a notebook or journal [you can just think all of this out but writing things down tends to have much more staying power AND it gives you something physical to check back in with throughout the week. Also, by the end you'll have a little self written self love bible!]

Write out the reflection prompts & jot down whatever comes to mind, then do the same with the intention prompts - finishing by setting a goal or intention for the week ahead! [think small & manageable!]

The implementation suggestions at the end give you some ideas for goals & intentions but feel free to explore your own too!

Leave your journal somewhere you see it so you can keep checking in during the week to see if you're still keeping these in mind!

-- this week's focus: NON-PHYSICAL REST!💆‍♀️

When we think about resting, we mostly think about snuggling up on the sofa or going to bed! Both very valid and often needed, but SOMETIMES we feel tired even though physically, we haven't over-exerted ourselves. This is when we need other types of rest - namely: mental. emotional, spiritual, social, sensory or creative rest! [lesser spoken about but equally important!!]

reflection prompts:

Do I often find myself feeling tired even when I've had enough sleep? How much time have I spent this week doing something that was JUST for me? Are there people or circumstances in my life that are making me feel burnt out? What have I done this week that's made me feel the most alive/the most like myself?

intention prompts: What responsibilities could I maybe de-prioritise next week and switch for 'me time'? Are there any situations that are burning me out that I could work to distance myself from? What could I add in to my week that makes me feel most alive/most like myself?

implementation suggestions:

if you're feeling tired, but you've had plenty of sleep (& you're not suffering from any deficiencies/chronic conditions!!), there's a high chance you're not getting enough of these types of rest! Mental exhaustion is JUST as real as physical exhaustion, but it has different remedies (this is why sometimes exercise makes you feel LESS tired afterwards - because it wasn't actually physical rest your body was craving!)

Here are some ideas for mental, emotional, social, sensory, creative & spiritual rest:

- spending time off your phone!

- spending time around people that lift you up & you can fully be yourself with

- praying

- meditating

- being in nature

- spending time in places that inspire/comfort you

- journalling/sitting with your thoughts

- engaging in hobbies just for fun

- organising/cleaning/decluttering

- moving your body in ways that feel good!!

Lastly drop a comment and share ONE WELLNESS WIN you had this week! ANYTHING you did successfully to take care of yourself (it's not a self love circle if we don't share something!) and we must keep celebrating the little steps we take on this journey!! 🤗


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Mar 06, 2023

My wellness win for this week is that I got some reading done, which is my favorite mental rest

Marissa Hussain
Marissa Hussain
Mar 09, 2023
Replying to

Love this Liam! 👏👏 this is on my list to get back into the habit of! What are you reading? 😍

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