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  • Are fuelled with self love & compassion

  • Encourage you to listen to your body & do what’s right for you each day

  • Always include options to help you adapt accordingly to what your body needs

  • Are fun, creative, high energy and always to the beat of your favourite tunes

  • Are anti diet & HAES aligned - never referring to weight loss or aesthetic goals (all cellulite is CELL-EBRATED!)

  • Help you build physical strength, stamina & mobility AS WELL AS mindfulness, positivity, & self acceptance


what's included?!

Sound like the feel good fitness platform you’ve been searching for?!!!

become a member for £15(~$19) per month!

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never a before or after

At the Self Love Fitness Club, we believe movement should always be a CELEBRATION of what your body can do & never a tool to beat it into the oppressive standard of beauty that may have held you in the past.

ALL bodies are welcomed here, and never as a ‘before’ picture!

our workouts are actually fun!

Curated themed playlists (90s cheese, girl band bangers, disco floor fillers… you get the idea) & creative movement combos are paired to work your body effectively, without it EVER feeling like a chore or a bore! Your trainer is there in real time, bopping along with you and giving you endless positive encouragement (there’s nothing really ‘tough’ about our love!)

fitness that fits into your life!!

Workouts are on demand, available round the clock & range in duration from 5-45 mins, so with our handy filter, you can always find something to give you that boost whenever you need it!


Equipment wise, you need nothing but your beautiful bod to get started - there are options to intensify with minimal equipment if you’re feeling a challenge!

we always lead with love!

We switch the ‘discipline’ and ‘will power’ to help you start with self love, compassion & intuition as we KNOW they are the real key ingredients that are going to help you build solid & sustainable habits that ACTUALLY support your wellbeing. 

why we're not your average workout membership...

We believe people who feel good ABOUT themselves do good things FOR themselves!

So we’re here to hype you up & help you become best friends with your bod, so looking after it becomes a no brainer!

become a member for £15(~$19) per month!

For the first time in my life, I no longer hate exercise - OR my wobbly bits! I feel the strongest and most in tune with my body I've ever felt and I can honestly say The Self Love Fitness Club has changed me!
- Caroline, member


I’m here to be your cheerleader, your coach & your bestie all in one!

I'm a pro dancer turned Personal Trainer and after experiencing first hand how toxic the fitness industry can be for our relationship with our bodies, I decided to carve out a safe space to change the narrative around why and how we exercise!


I believe hugely in creating a healthy & loving relationship with your bod so that you can take care of it to the best of your ability & that’s exactly what I’ll help you do as we squat, sweat & shimmy together in our feel good workout sessions!


I also believe in YOU, and I cannot wait to move with you soon!

Love, M x


i'm marissa,
your pt & bff!

how the home studio will support you-

self loving workouts!

  • an evergrowing bank of real time on demand workouts that focus on CELEBRATING your body and what it can do!

  • ZERO talk of calories burned or 'sculpting' body parts, these classes are a safe space for you to heal your relationship with your bod!

  • workouts range from 5-45 minutes & include cardio, strength, dance & stretching - all require minimal space and equipment (no dumbells required!)

  • filter by duration, type & body part so you can always find the exact session you need!

  • always include options to help you adapt precisely for your body

bonus resources!

  • Short ‘tips & tekkerz’ vids to help you get to grips with key exercises, nail your form & learn how to adapt or modify for your body

  • Downloadable affirmation wallpapers to keep positive self talk at the front of your mind

  • Daily ‘happy habits’ checklists & mindful check in journal prompts to support your holistic wellbeing

  • Ebooks, including gentle nutrition & body image to dive deeper into those topics to support your journey

done-for-you programmes

  • pre-structured 6 week workout programmes that you can follow if you don't fancy creating your own routine!

  • choose to focus on specific styles/skills or follow the monthly mix to get a fully rounded programme to nourish your body!

  • Helps with motivation & accountability so you can build a sustainable routine that carries you through life!

  • Includes post workout thought/journal prompts to help you build body respect & appreciation!

community & support!

  • Private community IN the Home Studio (not a Facebook group!) of like minded souls - for us to lift each other up and ensure we're fully supported on this journey!

  • Share wins, wobbles & stay motivated & accountable!

  • Monthly progress check ins that have NOTHING to do with the weight, shape or size of your body!

  • Contact with Marissa, your self love PT for extra guidance, advice & a hype up when you need it!

all to help you on your journey to joyful movement...!

The energy & playlists are amazing & brighten each day! The way I see myself, as well as general happiness & productivity has improved more than I can tell you... I genuinely feel this is life changing!
- Claire, member

start your journey as a member for £15(~$19) per month!

what are the workouts like?!

have a peep at the samples below to get a taste!

europop hiit 10

europop hiit 10

shall we freakin do this?

Got questions my love?! Click the lil chat box & let me know what your query is! x


YAY, let's do this!

choose between our basic subscription or our plan with extra 1-1 support if you feel like you could use a little extra help with breaking away from diet culture, setting up a feel good routine and getting stuck into your workouts with confidence!!

  • bodyJoy online!

    Every month
    3x weekly bodyJoy classes + more!
    • 3 new classes a week - dance cardio, barre & mobility flow
    • joy centric, body friendly
    • likeminded community & individualised support
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