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Hey honeeeys - good news!!! I've scheduled a new 1-1 drop in day for this Thursday 13th April🥳 You can book yourself a 25 min slot with me to talk through ANYTHING that will help support your journey!

Maybe you're struggling to get started, fighting negative self talk, have a certain injury/condition you need help modifying for or are unsure about how to execute a certain exercise... whatever it is, I'm here for you!

This is at no extra charge to your membership so please use me!!! I wanted to include this feature to help you feel fully supported and get the experience of having a PT without the price tag so I'd love for you to get as much out of it as possible 🤩

Just click HERE to book your slot! (click 'check next availability' and it will take you to Thursday!)

Can't wait to chat with you more personally and help you on this journey!!!

Loads of love and have a wonderful week,

Maz xxx💕

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